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How to search for your next Customer Success Manager job

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Customer Success Manager roles come in all shapes and sizes so it’s important to search for a job within a company that caters to your strengths. Sometimes, some of the best roles are not even posted online. I’ll share some tips on where and how you can navigate your search.

Direct on Company Website

When I applied for my current role, I was following the company on LinkedIn and keeping tabs on their social media channels to understand their company culture. I also had former colleagues of mine who worked there who posted frequently so I knew it was a great company and the type of place I wanted to work. An added bonus was that they also ended up becoming a public company on the NYSE in a short period of time so I knew they had a solid product and strong leadership even before applying. Do you think when I interviewed my knowledge and enthusiasm for the company stood out? Yep! Remember, you should vet the company before they vet you to make sure it’s a good fit.

Keep tabs on the companies that you'd like to work for even if you're not in the market. This will keep you well informed and one step ahead of others if you did decide to apply for an open role.

Follow your Passion

Are there any goods or services that you consume? Imagine if you could work for them to curate their client experience and promote their brand. At one of my previous B2B jobs, a client who used our SaaS product liked it so much that he applied for the role. We could tell how passionate he was about our product and he ended up joining our team. Be open about that next opportunity because that perfect job could be right in front of you!

Leverage your Network

While networking takes some effort, it’s definitely worth the time spent because it produces quality results. Early in my career, when I was exploring an Account Management role for top-tier agencies, I attended a Northwestern University Alumni Career Fair where I knew the CEO of Weber Shandwick was going to be in attendance. I sought her out and she gave me her business card so I could apply for the internship. Guess what? I got hired for a very selective internship with limited slots.

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I’ve also used my professional network on LinkedIn to ask for referrals or introductions. While those positions don’t always pan out, they do help create meaningful relationships and hopefully, you can also return the favor or pay it forward.

Your role is about making relationships so demonstrate this by landing a job through connections and be sure to share that when you land the interview!

Job Search Engines

You’ll always want to use a diversified strategy when searching for jobs so including searches on job search engines is vital. It can help you explore industries and companies that you never considered. I will say that most of the jobs that I landed were through the traditional online application process. Some search engines that focus on tech companies or startups include:


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