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24 Ways to Promote your Online Brand on LinkedIn as a Customer Success Manager

Woman in business suit promoting online brand

As a Customer Success Manager, it's important to have a strong LinkedIn profile and develop your online brand, especially if you're looking for your next role. While this is not an exhaustive list, we're going to discuss 24 ways to bring your brand to life using LinkedIn!

1. Professional Photo

Since this is the first image that users see, make sure it's a high-quality, professional headshot that reflects who you are like the woman in the business suit featured above.

2. Compelling Headline

Write a concise, keyword-rich headline that highlights your current role and unique skills to draws readers' attention

3. Custom URL

Customize your LinkedIn URL to make it more accessible and professional. It should ideally be your name.

4. Summary Section

Craft a well-written summary or bio that describes your professional journey, key accomplishments, and aspirations. Make it engaging and easy to read. When you add your summary, LI will write one up for you, but you can also use ChatGPT ;).

5. Experience

Detail your work history, focusing on accomplishments and responsibilities. Use action verbs and metrics to showcase your contributions. Many times your LI profile will be used in lieu of a resume.

6. Skills and Endorsements

Add a Skills section to list relevant skills and ask connections to endorse you. Ensure they align with your professional goals.

7. Recommendations

Request recommendations from colleagues, supervisors, or clients who can speak to your skills and work ethic.

8. Education

Include your educational background, degrees, and any relevant honors or awards.

9. Projects

Showcase significant projects or publications you've been involved in. This adds depth to your profile.

10. Volunteer Experience

If you've volunteered for any organizations or causes, include them in your profile to demonstrate your commitment to social causes along with your varied interests.

11. Certifications

List any relevant certifications, courses, and training to highlight your skills and expertise.

12. Accomplishments

Utilize the "Accomplishments" section to add publications, patents, honors, awards, languages, and more.

13. Media and Links

Add multimedia content like presentations, articles, your portfolio or links to your website to showcase your work.

14. Engage in Groups

Join and participate in LinkedIn groups related to your industry or college alumni groups. Engaging in discussions can boost your visibility.

15. Engage with Others

Comment or like posts that are aligned with your interests or support work that you admire. Repost content that you find valuable and content that educates others.

16. Connect Strategically

Be selective about who you connect with. Aim for quality over quantity. Personalize connection requests with a brief message. When attending industry events, use your custom QR Code in the app to easily add connections in real-time.

17. Follow Companies and Influencers

Follow companies and thought leaders in your field to stay informed and show your interests. Request coffee chats with peers that you’d like to learn more from.

18. Use Keywords

Incorporate industry-specific keywords in your profile to improve discoverability in LinkedIn's search results.

19. Keep It Updated

Continuously update your LinkedIn profile to reflect your current status, accomplishments, and goals.

20. Recommend Others

If you appreciate someone's work, consider writing a recommendation for them. They may reciprocate.

21. Share your Content

Share your industry knowledge or content that sparks conversation, shares a fresh perspective or educates others. Be authentic and vulnerable. People will appreciate the value that you’re providing, which will increase your visibility.

22. Use Hashtags

When posting content, use hashtags that highlight broader themes or topics of your post to reach a wider audience and engage readers outside of your network.

23. Seek Feedback

Ask for feedback on your profile from mentors, colleagues, or friends to identify areas for improvement.

24. Creator Mode

If you want to grow your reach and influence on LI, consider turning on creator mode to help attract your audience with dedicated features. With this setting, users will see a Follow button and the number of followers will be highlighted at the top. You can read more about Creator Mode here.

You'll want to use the tips above to experiment and see what works best. If you start to post content, don't get discouraged by the lack of engagement. It takes time to build your brand and online presence so just like anything, put work into it now and you'll reap the benefits later. Lastly, use the opportunity to get to know others and have fun in the process!


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